March 16, 2012

Super Sunglasses

I cannot tell you how much I love sunglasses. I'm the kind of girl who loves wearing them every single day. They  are not only accessories for me. They're pretty much like an extension of my eyes. HAHA! My dad describes me as a person who is afraid of  daylight because I pretty much have them on whenever it's still daytime. So you can just imagine my excitement when I found out about SUPER SUNGLASSES coming to our shores pretty soon! 

These sunglasses by RETROSUPERFUTURE are not only made to be stylish, they are also made in the highest possible standards, making sure that your eyes are best protected in all conditions. Kanye West, Daft Punk, CSS, The Kills, Sienna Miller, and Jessica Alba are just some of the names that were spotted sporting these uber stylish sunnies.



Lovely lovely colors and such cray designs.

So to my fellow sunglass-lovers here in the PI -and to those who are just afraid of daylight- you'd better prepare yourselves to have one of these babies. It's coming very soon!

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Thanks to Jayzel Sanchez of RPA Style for the heads up! :)

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