June 26, 2012

VANS' Go Skateboarding Day

VANS' Go Skateboarding Day
June 23, World Trade Center

photos by me & Miko Go

Now, I'm not a skater myself but I appreciate the sport. 
If you happen to follow my blog(s), you'd probably know by now how much I love taking photographs of this particular subject.
And I'm definitely one of those who will be standing by this statement: 
Thanks Vans for creating such an event. Hoping for more events like these! 

This was the only photo taken of me, and my brother had to block the whole thing. 
Sad. haha!


June 25, 2012

THE Block Party

THE Clothing X Team Manila 
June 22, Cubao X

photos by me and Miko Go

An awesome way to show support for the street community (skateboarding, bicycling, graffiti, etc).
Check out the rest of the photos here.


June 20, 2012

I Miss Them, LOL

What do you think this 3 videos have in common?

I'm sure your guesses are right. Whatever they are. 

 Can you tell how much of a Harry Potter fan I am? haha! 

 I was actually waiting for Dan to make an appearance in a music video after Rupert did Lego House. And last night, I finally got what I was waiting for. Thank you Boleynboy! (Go check his music blog now!)

 Now, if only Tom(Felton) would appear in one too. Or has he already? Hmmm... 

 Anyways, enjoy!


June 19, 2012

Two Things

I've got two new things to share to you guys tonight. They may not be exactly that big of a deal but nonetheless, I want to share it! 


Firstly, I decided to change my "visual diary" into a photo blog. I found this cool site called, Jux. Have you guys heard about it? Well, it gave me a lot more options on how I can present random photographs that I've taken -in hi-res and all of that. It's so easy to use. Plus, browsing through the other blogs can be pretty inspiring!

And lastly, after thinking for a good couple of days, I've finally put up a music blog. But I didn't want it to be just another music blog. I wanted to add something different -something more personal. So I decided to post songs that I want you to listen. If you don't get it then that song is not meant for you

I'm not sure if you're getting my idea, but whatevs! haha!

Well, if you have the time, please do check them out:

You can visit them thru this blog of mine. Just click on MUSIKAVENUE and SNAPSHOTS from the links bar above. 



June 14, 2012

Caught In The Background

12:54 AM

Let me start of by telling you that this is the fifth revision I made for this post.

I can't seem to gather my thoughts and tell you everything that has happened from the last time I've shared. I can't seem to find the words. At least for now. 

So let me just leave you with a song that has been my constant companion for most of the nights now. And the lines with which my mind -more or less- is pondering. 

Though I'm not really sure you would understand why, a great part of me hopes that somehow you would.

Am I caught in the background, a part of the scene?
Misery in the come down, when I come down from here.
Are we tangled in each other, or placed in between?
Like a stone, or a stones throw away from falling
Am I just scant in the landscape,
Or a range close to you?
I think I fell into a strange play with wandering limbs
And eager hands


June 6, 2012

Lips That Won't Seal

From the way the room starts turning,
Or the way your heart stops beating.
Like how the clock stops ticking,
And how everything keeps hurting.

This, I'm telling you- 
is how it hurts to be apart. 

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