April 21, 2011

Birthday Treat

Get a chance to win this amazing bag.

All you have to do is send Reesh a picture of you with your best outfit that you would partner with this bag. Contest ends on Saturday, April 30.

For more info, do check out her Facebook page: Impulse Co, 
And also follow Reesh's blog!

April 18, 2011

Stopovers are...

... fun fun fun.

it's that multi-colored dog. 

It was uber kaduper hot! 
We always have to have a picture like this. (Meike Katz and me)

We always have a good time. Even at stopovers. 

April 17, 2011

SCMI 27th Anniversary at Bataan

I haven't been to church for a while now. I know it's not a good reason to say that I'm always busy with school or work or with other stuffs and just opted to stay at home on a Sunday. So, I told myself that I would be there on our church's 27th anniversary to be held at our church in Bataan. So even with lack of sleep (I had a long Saturday because of work), I still went. And I felt blessed. I'm glad I went.

I miss these crazy kids.

UB <3 Bataan

paparazzi shot by meike katz

(Just some of the photos I've taken,)

April 9, 2011

6 Days From Now...

...Coachella will begin. And on those days, my head will be filled with these...

It has everything that I love all packed in a 3-day event: fashion, music, etc... But of course, Coachella is about the music. And this year's line up is love. That's all I'm gonna say. LOVE.

I especially love Kings of Leon. Hahaha..

Someday, I will be there. Someday soon. I hope.

And now, I leave you guys with Brooke Fraser's Coachella. What else?!

I am bright as the sun
You are high as a kite
We are daughters, sons, brothers and sisters tonight
At Coachella

(source: tumblr for photos; coachella official site)

April 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren's Big Pony X Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely. One of the most influencial fashion bloggers in the world. You guys might not know this but her blog is one of my weekly reads (I read a lot of blogs: fashion, food, etc. Hehe). Anyways, I finally got the chance to go through some of the blogs I follow and chanced upon this on her blog. This video is so cray cray. I love it! If you didn't understand what I just said, just watch the video and whatever positive reaction you have/felt... well, that's it. Hahaha... ENJOY!

"The Law Of Seduction"
Starring: Rumi Neely & Colin Sokol
Featuring: Big Pony Seductive Red #2
Written & Directed By Seth Hagenstein
Edited By Matt Kazman
Original Score By Jason Solowsky
Produced By Robbie Sokolowsky: ICED Media
Shot On Location At The SOHO Grand Hotel, NYC

If you haven't checked out Rumi's blog, well... you'd better start now.
Go! Click FASHION TOAST now!

(source: fashiontoast.com)

Be The Next!

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Supermodel of the World Philippines, don't hesitate and join now! Apply online: http://supermodelphilippines.com/application/ 

Deadline for online submission is on FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2011. And there will be a national screening on SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011 @ Meeting Rm. 8, 3rd Flr., SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

For more info, call Supermodel Secretariat at 844-0350.

Inspiration Bucket: Th-INKing




Recently my fascination with tattoos resurfaced. I guess it's because of friends... and the urge to do something impulsive and random. So I've been looking through a LOT of pictures for inspiration. Although I'm not getting one soon. booo...

I'm particularly drawn to small designs, words, or phrases. But there are certain big designs that I think are nice. The white ink one is pretty awesome but they're also uber dangerous to the health. So that's already a no-no for me. Hahaha. 

 Here are just some of my favorites.

(photos: fuckyeahtattoos)

April 5, 2011

Inspiration Bucket: Grunge Plush

These are just random photos that inspire me as of the moment.

I have a love-hate relationship with the grunge feel, just so you guys would know. I am in love with the colors that kinda feels old and faded, and yet rich. I like going against the "norm" while not trying too hard to rebel. It's crazy -I know.

The last photo summarizes my kind of style:
"...known only to the artist."

(all photos taken from tumblr.com)
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