July 29, 2011

The Kids Are Alright

I swear my babes are gonna love fashion. This is so adorbs!

(image from tumblr)

July 27, 2011

Juaning Blues

Do you know the feeling of wanting to work with all the projects you have on your hands, and yet couldn't no matter how much creativity you have swimming in your mind? Well, I'm sure you have felt exactly the same thing at some point. And I'll make a guess. One of the factors involves the weather. Am I right? Haha!

Anyways, today was that kind of day for me -and maybe for a few more people. The weather? Rainy. Actually, we have a storm in the Philippines right now called, Juaning. But still, it's the kind that you just want to snuggle up in bed or on the couch embraced by a warm blanket, hot choco steaming in your favorite cup, probably watching your favorite rainy day movie/series or reading a book whilst an awesome playlist is on. It's that kind of weather we're having as of the current. And it's making it more difficult to work on this simple teaser video I have due before the weekends. 

And as weak as I am when it comes to lazy weathers, I ended doing completely unrelated to what I need to be doing. In the end, I ended up making my first ever mixtape. I think a pat on the back is in place even if it's not really work related. 

I've always wanted to create one. And now it's here and I want to share it with all of you. I only placed 12 songs just because I love the number 12 and that too much files would make it hard to upload and to download. Also created an album art just cause I'm feeling the rush. Haha! Hope you enjoy it! 

Juaning Blues
Bonfire - Memoryhouse
Islands - The XX
Gone For The Summer - Teen Daze
Collapsing At Your DoorStep - Air France
Bicycle - Memory Tapes
Knocked Up (Remix) - Kings of Leon & Lykke Li
Daydream - Beach Fossils
Starting - matt pond PA
Solitude Is Bliss - Tame Impala
Sunny Day - BRONZE
Daddy's Gone - Glassvegas
Light Out - Santigold

Download playlist here.


Japanese Overload

l-r: Will, Simon, Bin, me, Jason, Adrian, Alloy, Miko

Last Friday night, we celebrated one of my closest guy friend's birthday at Yakimix (Trinoma). Belated happy birthday Alloy! It was waaaay over due. And as usual, I was the only girl. But hey! -at least I was able to eat like nobody's business. We also finally saw Will after his World Tour (along with the Ateneo Choir). It was indeed a fun time!

(photos taken from Will's)

Like It's In The Palm of Your Hands

Look what a small thought can do to ones' imagination.


(images from tumblr)

July 25, 2011

Make Way For Denim Revolution

Just when you thought our every day jeans couldn't get any better -and cooler, Oxygen launches it's Reversible Jeans.  They are no doubt the coolest twist that has ever happened to our normal everyday blue jeans. It’s basically having two denim styles in one perfect-fitting chaps. It’s great for fellows who are always out traveling or those that want to instantly change up their looks. All you got to do is flip it inside out!

Sure must-haves this season, it comes in different washes such as gray, dark blue, black, and others.You also have the freedom to find the perfect fit as it comes in either drop-crotch or skinny.

It’s time to be part of a hip denim revolution with Oxygen. The reversible jeans are out in stores starting third week of July. Go grab your pair!

Go to the Oxygen fan page on Facebook or catch it on Twitter for more information and exciting treats.

July 19, 2011

Whachaguysthink: A-Round Peg


Been experimenting for some t-shirt designs for a while now. 
And I'm becoming obsess with basic shapes like the circle.
Whachaguysthink? Let me know! 
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