August 25, 2011

Latest News

It has been a while -what an understatement! Haha! But yes, it has been a while since I have written an update of what's happening with my life. Pardon the vain picture above. And no, it hasn't been THAT while. My hair's still short. That is just a wig I wear every time my short hair isn't cutting it for the day.

Okay, let's start with me still being on leave from school. First term hasn't ended, got even extended to September. I haven't even gotten my schedule fixed even. Ugh. I hate it. By the time, I get to choose my subjects -which is on the 30th- 'having the worst sched' would be (another) an understatement. It sucks. But we have to move on. And to be honest, I'm actually looking forward to coming back to school even if I don't know how my schedule's going to turn up.

Speaking of schedules though, I just remembered that I have to fix them PROPERLY. Philippine Fashion Week is upon all of us again. And I'm interning once again! Yippeee!

This is actually good news.

I still love interning for Runway Production, no matter how stressful and sleepless it gets. I love my bosses (who wouldn't?), my co-associates/interns, and just about everybody that I met along the way!

Well, I have to apologize in advance because it's gonna be taking up most of my time -besides school, and so updating my blog would be impossible to none. But hopefully, what Angela and I are planning will push through, and updating you guys will be easier. I can't say it yet because I might jinx it and all. But keep your fingers cross everyone!

And oh, you guys are might be wondering what the NOT YO' CUP O' JOE series is all about. I came up with it all because I wanted to try my cousin's Nikon D7000 in action.

Why skateboarding videos? Well have you guys seen skateboarding videos/photos? No? Well, they're awesome! Enough said. So you guys should try and watch some videos. I like the ones made by LAKAI, Girl, The Berrics... mostly them. I got influenced by my brother and cousins -talk about being a one-of-the-boys kind of girl. Sheesh!

Anyways, please do check out the series I'm doing. I'm not a professional just someone who tries and loves on trying. Comment all the way -just be kind when you criticize. Haha! I added a link on the menu bar below the logo banner for easier access. Just click on it, and you'll be directed to all the post regarding the series. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Well, that's all the update for now. I'll talk to y'all soon -I hope. ;)


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