November 29, 2011

Road to Neverland

Raises hands in the air in defeat. 

And in that moment, all you can do is just be taken away. 

"Waiting for a roar. Looking at the mutating skyline."
Midnight City - M83

"Feel the heart beat in my mind."
We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

"Promises, swear them to the stars."
Young Blood - The Naked and Fomous

"It's like the rush has gone straight to my brain. But my voice is as lonely as loud as I whisper a joy of this pain."
The Gift - Angels and Airwaves

"So we'll run wild. We'll be glow in the dark."
Charlie Brown - Coldplay

"And I spit fire on lovers and liars. And you don't deceive me."
Spitting Fire - The Boxer Rebellion

"I wanna say: here's to me gonna change the world. Now I wanna play till they kicking down the door."
Ragoo - Kings of Leon

"What about the life you had hoped? Say you will keep on hoping."
Amber - Labyrinth Ear

"Am I underground or am I in between?... Am I underground or am I in too deep?"
When I'm Small - Phantogram

"I know that you're not here. I wonder where you are."
Elephants - Warpaint

"Sometimes I get a good feeling. And a feeling that I never, never had before."
Levels - Avicii

Try. Listen. Tonight.

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