June 14, 2012

12:54 AM

Let me start of by telling you that this is the fifth revision I made for this post.

I can't seem to gather my thoughts and tell you everything that has happened from the last time I've shared. I can't seem to find the words. At least for now. 

So let me just leave you with a song that has been my constant companion for most of the nights now. And the lines with which my mind -more or less- is pondering. 

Though I'm not really sure you would understand why, a great part of me hopes that somehow you would.

Am I caught in the background, a part of the scene?
Misery in the come down, when I come down from here.
Are we tangled in each other, or placed in between?
Like a stone, or a stones throw away from falling
Am I just scant in the landscape,
Or a range close to you?
I think I fell into a strange play with wandering limbs
And eager hands


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