August 8, 2012


I'm sure you're all aware of the situation we have right now in the Philippines. For the last 2 weeks or so, we've been experiencing a lot of rain, but this past 2 days have been the worst. Just when you thought things couldn't get scarier from 2 years ago with Ondoy, it did. These torrential rains we've been experiencing for the last 2 days could shame Ondoy back to its mother. 

When you check the media, it's as if there is an endless flow of bad and sad news happening. But as resilient as we are like bamboos, our hopes never faltered. It's very amazing and inspiring how we were all able to unite and be resourceful to whatever we have at the moment, and think about our lesser fortunate countrymen in their time of need. To all the volunteers, rescuers, news reporters, government officials, etc... MABUHAY kayo! 

As much I want to go out there and help out, I can't for reasons that are out of my hands, so I just try my best with what I can do online (i.e retweeting, contacting, monitoring). But I'll definitely help out once I can.

Let's focus first in helping the others instead of wasting time pointing fingers as to whom to blame for all these. We could do that afterwards -or NOT, and just find solutions to prevent for another crisis like this to happen in out country.

My prayers goes out to every Filipino.




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