November 2, 2012

Letter of Returnee

I know. You don't have to say it. I skipped two months. Two freaking months without updating. I'm sorry.  But unlike many occurrences before, I think this time my reason is legit. 

Fashion week started. 

Let me start of with Zac Efron visiting the Philippines. To all my readers here in my country, I think ya'll know how that went down. Now , how was that part of fashion week? Well simply because he came all the way here to endorse Penshoppe, a Filipino clothing brand who has been part of fashion week for the longest time.

Runway Productions was the team behind the fan conference, and crazy wouldn't even begin to describe how it was. I pretty much got death threats from little girls when I had to cut the line for the meet and greet. It sounds funny now but at that time, I seriously wanted to shake all them furiously. Haha!

I'm sorry if you're reading this and you were among them. 

I did meet him face to face, got to talk to him a little too. Really nice guy. Just too charming for my liking. But he's still ZAC EFRON, so whatevs! Haha. No pictures though. Company policy. ;)

Anyways, moving on to Spring/Summer 2013... Pre-prod started quite normally. We did the usual routines: castings, meetings, fittings and shoots. There were a lot of stressful days but it was all part of it. Things got even more major when fashion week really came. Everyone was a multi-tasker, juggling two to three things at the same time. I didn't even bother thinking much about my outfits anymore. Hopefully, I still looked presentable even if I was literally a zombie. haha!

I could think of a lot of things to tell to you all but words seem to fail me at the moment. I'm scared that once I start, it'll be like opening the flood gates of who knows where. haha! But one thing that made this season so special for me is that it's my 2nd anniversary along with my other colleagues and friends.

Happy anniversary to us! You know who y'all are!

I hope that everyone who came, watched and supported Philippine Fashion Week last week enjoyed their time there. We literally gave our all for that. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 



Look out for the next updates. 
I'll be posting some photos I was able to take 
amidst my busy and chaotic schedule.

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