February 28, 2011

Be Your Teenage Dream Tonight

Yes. It's from that song -that song that made everyone fall in love with Katy Perry more. Pretty much everybody got addicted to that song. I mean who wouldn't be, right? I remembered my friend, Terence, who kept updating me about how many times he played it on his iTunes. I think the last time he updated me was around 2K? Not sure.

Anyways, you guys might be wondering why I suddenly blogged about Teenage Dream. Well, it's as simple as it was the peg for a shoot I styled/directed. My photographer friend, John, asked me if I could style as well as direct the whole shoot. We've been wanting to work together for the longest time, and finally we did last Saturday.He didn't have any peg - or theme, for that matter- until the last minute.

Haven't exactly started on the post process of the photos. But here's a sort of teaser.

And enjoy the video too!

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