April 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren's Big Pony X Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely. One of the most influencial fashion bloggers in the world. You guys might not know this but her blog is one of my weekly reads (I read a lot of blogs: fashion, food, etc. Hehe). Anyways, I finally got the chance to go through some of the blogs I follow and chanced upon this on her blog. This video is so cray cray. I love it! If you didn't understand what I just said, just watch the video and whatever positive reaction you have/felt... well, that's it. Hahaha... ENJOY!

"The Law Of Seduction"
Starring: Rumi Neely & Colin Sokol
Featuring: Big Pony Seductive Red #2
Written & Directed By Seth Hagenstein
Edited By Matt Kazman
Original Score By Jason Solowsky
Produced By Robbie Sokolowsky: ICED Media
Shot On Location At The SOHO Grand Hotel, NYC

If you haven't checked out Rumi's blog, well... you'd better start now.
Go! Click FASHION TOAST now!

(source: fashiontoast.com)

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