April 4, 2011

Round Up: Music Conundrum

I definitely can't live without music. It's the only thing constant in my days. And whenever I find something good, I always share it with friends no matter how different our tastes are.

I don't really have a favorite genre. As long as I enjoy it, then... I like it. Haha. And if you check my iTunes, you'd laugh your asses off because of the randomness.

Here's 5 of my most played tracks as of the current.

1. Electric Feel by MGMT

2. Undertow by Warpaint

3. Who's That Chick by David Guetta ft. Rihanna

4. Give Me Back My Heart Attack by Land of Talk

5. 2 Trees by Foals

I didn't include this on my top 5 played songs cause this one's special. Haha. Listen to this song. It's so chill and hypnotic. Huge fan of the artists. And I'm proud to say that I go to school with this oh so talented people. Benilde represent!

June Marieezy ft. RBTO - Sometimes by Deeper Manila

One of three tracks on June Marieezy's EP out soon only on Deeper Manila.
Produced by Justin de Guzman
Vocals by June Jumao-as
Additional Vocals by Roberto Lai

Check out their page and like them! RBTO


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