April 15, 2012

Random Candies

Random Candies is Willar Mateo’s debut collection for his clothing line, Salad Day. Though Willar has been making clothes and nursing a following, this is his breakthrough line for the brand. And one can easily see in the clothes how much this young designer has grown.

A salad entails throwing together pieces that are not necessarily alike, disparate even, but somehow combine to produce a sumptuous whole. Accordingly, Willar playfully selected his ingredients and mixed them up for Salad Day. Tailoring, draping, print manipulation and elements of minimalism were tossed together to assemble Random Candies. All these elements, which he picked from his experiences working at I Love You Store and designer, Gian Romano, add up as a dish that would appeal not only to those are inclined to sweetness, but to anyone who just gets excited over clothes.

Photogaphy: Al Avellana 
Styling: Anton Belardo 
Make Up: Mary Del rosario 
Models: Rutherford Perez, Maverick Bernardo, Zeke Nolasco, and Mafia Escasinas
Words: Daniel Concepcion

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