May 2, 2011

We Are The Voice Of Breaking Down

Switchfoot came back here in Manila and held a concert last Saturday at the PhilSports Arena. If there's any band I wouldn't miss, it's them, although I had a lot of second thoughts of going cause I had a lot of things in hand. Thankfully, I decided to go.

IMAGO is back! And they fronted for Switchfoot.

So we were at the ringside side (Thank God for PR skills). And it was the semi-perfect place because...

...when they sang "We Are One Tonight", Jon went/climbed up at our side!!! Obviously, super fan mode. I jumped from seat to seat so I could be near him. So unbecoming, I know. HAHAHA

Pardon the crazy video especially at the last part because I went haywire when I actually touched his hair. And so did my brother, who got to squeeze his shoulder, and my nephew, who got to pat his back. I even have wounds for proof. HAHAHAHAHA

Aaaaahhh, the music, the band and the people... EPIC.

Will post videos as soon as I have the right amount of time. And now I leave you with a portion of one of my fave Switchfoot song, "Yet".

If it doesn't break your heart
It isn't love
If it doesn't break your heart
It's not enough
It's when you're breaking down
With your insides coming out
That's when you find out what your heart is made of.

Photos from Ate Anlen's camera.

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