July 19, 2011

I Am Clothing

You guys may  know how much I am into menswear. So every time I go online and check out what's new in the fashion world, I always make sure I check out the men's department. I am just really amaze by the craftsmanship and work done for the menswear. 

Now, ever since my fascination with it, I can't help but try and kind-of apply my "knowledge" with my guy friends. Thankfully, most of my guy friends who are fashionably conscious, are more than willing to accept my helping hand.

One of the many fashionable guys I look at for inspiration is Black Eyed Peas' front man, Will I Am. His style is so urban and chic. He makes sporty jackets look like the finest Americana you can ever have. Thank God he made it possible for men to have clothes  that would make them feel good about themselves. 

His clothing line called, I.Am.Clothing, is a collaboration between him and B.E.P's stylist, Lor-E Philips which they first launched back in 2001. Today, they tapped James Preston as the new face of the latest collection. 

Do check out I.AM.Clothing's website.

(photos: justjared.com)

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