July 25, 2011

Make Way For Denim Revolution

Just when you thought our every day jeans couldn't get any better -and cooler, Oxygen launches it's Reversible Jeans.  They are no doubt the coolest twist that has ever happened to our normal everyday blue jeans. It’s basically having two denim styles in one perfect-fitting chaps. It’s great for fellows who are always out traveling or those that want to instantly change up their looks. All you got to do is flip it inside out!

Sure must-haves this season, it comes in different washes such as gray, dark blue, black, and others.You also have the freedom to find the perfect fit as it comes in either drop-crotch or skinny.

It’s time to be part of a hip denim revolution with Oxygen. The reversible jeans are out in stores starting third week of July. Go grab your pair!

Go to the Oxygen fan page on Facebook or catch it on Twitter for more information and exciting treats.


  1. omigosh. I don't wear jeans that much but these are perfect for long vacations where you have to rewear your clothes and you don't want anyone to know you've worn it before. :))

    I just might get a couple of pairs. :P

    btw mafe, may I reblog this?

  2. I know what you feel! hehehe. Go ahead. More promotion for Oxygen! :)


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