July 4, 2011

130th Anniversary of Grand Marnier at Scarlet's

So last Wednesday, June 29, one of my best guy friends/ fellow blogger, Jason Ong, invited me to the 130th Anniversary of Grand Marnier at Scarlet Wine Lounge in The Fort.

Along with other fellow bloggers, we got the chance to chat with the Grand Marnier Ambassador, Julien Lafond, before we all divulged on the scrumptious food they served to us, and finished our wonderfully mixed cocktails.

I just love the interior of Scarlet. It kinda gives me that very cozy and sophisticated vibe. And check out the wine vending machine at the center. I want one. Chos!

This is the 2009 limited edition Grand Marnier bottle. For their 2010 limited edition, the bottle is black. And every Grand Marnier bottle is different from one another. So you are sure that you only have that bottle in the entire world!
Check out the glowing stirrer in our drinks!

Thank you Scarlet and Grand Marnier for that night! 

Scarlet Wine Lounge can be found at The Fort Strip near Amber Lounge and Encore.
You can purchase Grand Marnier in any supermarket or liquor store in the metro. 

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