January 23, 2012

Friday the 13th

It is quite a practice to distort reality if one can no longer find the purpose of beauty in its most banal form.

Say: a perfectly contoured face driven by platitude can break itself into disheveled pieces yet remain crafted. Or a failure of flight can bring a pair of feet to leave its owner and rightfully place itself in between a cushion of clouds.

In this Untitled exhibition, you may find yourself stepping back, tilting your head or even closing an eye to fall in love with what is in front of you. Indulge. Let this alteration of what is real bring you a new sense of order and perhaps, a rekindling with what you used to deem as beautiful. 

Here are some photos of what went down last Friday the 13th during Brad's photo exhibit opening at Cubao X. 

The Runway Production/Philippine Fashion Week Fam Bam 

photos: Brad's Album & Kat Santos
For more: 1 2

Exhibit still open up to January 25 at Cubao X! 
Do check it out! 

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