January 16, 2012

Lady Daydream

Some of my friends have been asking me why I don't post "outfit shots" in my blog or why I don't have a lookbook account. Well, I can think of plenty of answers for them but to be honest, it just boils down to one thing -my laziness. 

Yeah yeah I know -I suck. I could barely update my blog let alone take photographs of my look so bite me! Haha!

But since I promise to be more active this year, I realize that taking some outfit shots -take note of the word some- doesn't sound so bad at all. So here I am, with my first and hopefully not the last outfit post for 2012. 


Vintage was definitely what I was going for last Sunday. 

Inspired by Twin Sister's song Lady Daydream, I wore a red knitted sweater and a knee length polka-dotted box pleated skirt cinched in the waist by a blue belt. 

And though you can't actually see it, my shoes are the color inspiration behind this look: red, blue and black. 

Now, I leave you with this sweet melancholic song to enjoy.


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