January 31, 2012

Best Dressed Goes To

In this week's round up post, I want to share with you guys the kind of designer I aspire to be. 

Let's start with menswear. I already mentioned a few times about how much I want to do menswear. Though I know how much effort is required to do this, my mind is already set to pursue it in the not-so-distant future. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Take a look at this video by The Satorialist. Don't you just love seeing men in perfectly tailored suits and with dapper styles? Well, I certainly do. 

But of course, there will always be my love for women's wear. My kind of design -soft, delicate, elegant, flowy, etc.

The 2012 Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair is a good example of what I love to design. The women looks so sexy without looking all promiscuous, simple and yet elegant, and the colors are just to divine. Need I say more?

  Check the whole article here and the behind the scene video here.
(Photo: Vanity Fair)

Well -I guess- to summarize my style as a designer, I like the extremes. From the very tailored and structured style of menswear to the very soft and flowy silhouettes of women's wear. Very bipolar, I know. Very me. Chos!


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