June 6, 2011

Sunrise Buckets

My gang and I have this Friday routine of dining out, catching up and just hanging out with each other. This gives me reason not to party hard on a Friday night (but sometimes it's not enough that I would still go out afterwards. haha!). And we usually try out different restaurants in the Metro just to get different feels, but on other times, we go for our comfort food which is Teriyaki Boy -better called T-boy. Anyways, after almost a month and a half of cancelled, postponed and forgotten Friday nights, we were able to push through last Friday.

A lot of our friends had been telling us of this new joint down in Madison Square in Greenhills called Sunrise Buckets. Now, I'm not much of chicken person but I love a good buffalo wing or two. So we knew we had to try it out.

happy kid right there!

Can't you tell how much hungry they all were?
This was my fave table wear in the whole house... THE BONE COLLECTOR
with my fashion week besty, Jason
the late -new couple Simon and Kim
I'm not the only girl anymore!

If you're looking for an wesome place to dine and hang with friends, this would be an ideal place to check out. It has that laid back, casual ambience that would make you feel like you're in beach shack. And the food is awesome at a very reasonable price -go try the Jack Daniel's Wings and the Sunrise Iced Tea.

Sunrise Buckets
Ground Level, Madison Square, Madison St. cor. Ortigas Ave., Greenhills San Juan, Metro Manila.
(63 2) 477-7636, (63 2) 346-8397, (63 2) 215-9946
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