June 3, 2011

Round Up: PFW Holiday 2011 LSS

So here's a round up of some of the songs from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 that got us all pumped up during this season. Some of them even got us all singing even after the week itself!

Not in any particular order...

1. "I've Got Your Number" - Passion Pit
Well, if you were at the L'Oreal Launch then you'd probably heard this song. Unfortunately for me I wasn't there. But fortunately, my mama shared this song to us after we got back from a fitting earlier that day.

2. "Beautiful" - Patrick Nuo
Ever since I heard this song that faithful early morning during the For Me rehearsals, I can't help but remember the very colorful Direk Raymond strutting his stuff down the runway. He was perfect for the show. And so was this song!

3. "Go Outside" - Cults
Okay. So this song wasn't used in any runway shows or from the afterpartys but this was one of the songs that got stuck on me during fashion week itself. The tune haunted me for a day because I couldn't seem to remember the title, thus making it hard for me to find it in my itunes -to the point of asking one of my interns if she knew the tune. Later that night, I typed in the words "Emma Roberts, music video, outside" in youtube and, lo and behold, I found it.

Sorry, I can't seem to find the real music video where Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were featured.

4. "Hello" - Martin Solveig & Dragonette
It was during the Oxygen Afterparty when The Misshapes played this song, and we started partying like there was no 7am calltime the next day. Ever since then, we all got hooked to this song. It was our afterparty theme song 'cause it was also played during the L'Oreal afterparty.

5. "Charmer" - Kings of Leon
There's always that one song that you play over and over again just because it makes you all charged up in whatever you do. And for me, this was the song during fashion week. I'd play it every single morning for a couple of times just so I'd stay awake the whole time. The screeching was perfect for waking me up while the bass lines keeps me on the charging up mode.

6. "She A Model" - YG
I guess this was the first song I got hooked on since last season up to now. If you've seen the CalCarrie's commercial, then you'd probably know what I mean when I say: it's addicting. "Bomp bomp bomp bomp... She a model. She walk in runways..." was what everyone was singing by the end of the week and even after the week itself. Let me post the original song and the link to the CalCarrie's commercial. (For more info about CalCarrie's Philippines, like us on Facebook!)

7. "Party Rock Anthem" - LMFAO
This song was anything but perfect as we celebrated the success of Holiday 2011 that Sunday night.

8."Rolling in the Deep" - Adele
Remixed, original, cover, live... we heard it all. Who could ever forget about this song? This is like the ultimate LSS song for everyone -and I mean, everyone who went to fashion week last May. I am also proud to say that a lot of people have became fans of this song as well as the artist because of this song.

Well, there you go guys! Just some of the songs that helped me out -and others- during fashion week. Y'all enjoy listening to them! xMafia

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