March 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes: The A-Team

me, ate anlen, paolo (and all our stuffs not staffs haha)
Also known as The Autis(tic) Team. This group consists of me, my cousin Paolo, and our dear ate, Anlen Condat. We've been teaming up for our church's visual committee ever since that faithful day 2 years ago during our church's 25th Anniversary (or even way before that). But that was the time when we all kind of bonded and became really close. I've worked with them in a lot of projects mostly in church but we all helped out in oustide projects as well.

I haven't been that much active in our church's visual arts committee for a while now and so I was quite excited when I was given the chance to work with them again for this pre-nuptial shoot last Sunday for our church friends who are going to get married soon. Like really soon. Haha.

It wasnt really a bonggacious production. We had no lights, fancy styling... just our imagination, cameras and of course, the couple. We originally thought of doing it in UP Diliman since garden/grassy was our peg. But at the last minute decided to do it in UST instead. It was nearer and had more history. Plus it was the groom's alma mater.

It was my first ever prenup shoot. And to describe the whole afternoon in one sentence, this would be it: There was a lot of walking and a lot of laughing.

Here are some of the behind the scenes.

paolo smizing
he can never be forgotten

I was wearing shades the whole day cause I was bangag from last night.


I'll ask if I can post the final products after the wedding. :)


Do check their works online too. They're very talented artists.
Anlen Condat and Paolo (who's website is under construction for now) Will get link soon! Hahahaha

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