March 13, 2011

Playing Footsies

No, this entry isn't about flirting or anything related in that subject for that matter. I just thought it sounded witty. Hahaha.

Two things consist in this entry: skateboard and dance.

Taken last Friday after I got back from dinner with JR at Charlie's in Ronac Art Center (it's an awesome place to chill and the food is awesome as well), I chanced upon that rare night where Patrick (brother) and Miko (cousin) had time for their first love, skateboarding. They have this on and off thing with skateboarding since elementary days. I didn't have anything with me that night except for my Nokia C3. What started out as me just getting a footage of  my cousin's funny dance (see the part where he kinda does this arm waving gesture), suddenly became a whole new other thing.

Lastly, I finally found my ballet shoes this morning after I was able to finish reading a book Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison in one sitting. And after a very long time, I felt the right kind of soreness in my legs again. My love affair with dancing has returned.

warming up for sunrise

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