March 29, 2011

Up North Experience

Over the weekends, I went to my History of Art and Design fieldtrip in Ilocos. For those who don't know where that is, it's basically the farthest north that's still attached to the main island. Haha. But it's not my first time to go there. And the only ones I know on that trip were Karen and Chris, Denise and Patty. (I also got lazy taking pictures. If it wasn't for the requirements and stuff, I wouldn't have my camera with me.) So I wasn't really that super excited.

What made the trip memorable were the people I got to become friends with in that short amount of time.  Room 25. That was THE room. And the people who were originally staying there, hanged there, crashed there, etc... that made it one heck of a weekend.

first ones in, last ones out (karen, chris, ken, me)

so my house is near this place? LOL
we just love that red bricked wall

one of the coolest couples I met!

room 25 represent! (clockwise from l-r: adie, julian, bea, mau, enzo and ken)

 Seriously asking for an Ilocos part 2, minus the morning tours.

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