March 8, 2011

So What Print Is This?

Let me just say that this is my first ever post about my outfit. I was never into that whole lookbook thing unless its just me looking at others' post (LOL). So what led me to this change of heart? Well, it's because of this skirt. This skirt that I bought at a thrift store for only 50 pesos. Yes, you read it right. FIFTY PESOS. I love finds like this. Who doesn't right?

I always love a vintage twist to any ensemble. And this maxi skirt gives just that. I paired it with an oversized tank top to give it my grunge-rock twist to it. But of course, I can't possibly wear that to school, having a dress code and all that. So I added this Calvin Klein maong vest previously owned by my dad. But I didn't took a picture of that. Just because. Haha.

And lastly, here are some other things that kept me busy the entire day:
  • sketch book for my freehand midterm plate
  • design sketches
  • latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • lecture notes for review
  • my organizer
  • cellphone 

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