March 28, 2011

The Kid with Man Head

His name is Josh. He's a friend. But we have never seen each other yet. We've been on a lot of events but never had a chance to personally meet. Or if we ever did, I may have not notice. I am so sorry Josh. Haha.

Anyways, the blog title for this post is actually the name of his blog. His blog is all about fashion and being fab! Just recently, he started posting his "Stylista" entries. It's basically him posting some of Manila's stylish people -not necessarily well known ones but has some great styles. And guess who he featured????

Yes, it is moi. And what an honor it is. Thank you so much Josh.

I don't really consider myself as a super stylish person. I only wear whatever feel like wearing. And if people appreciate what they see, I guess I'm doing an okay job. Hahaha. Click this to see post.

Oh btw, the first picture and the last one aren't me. That's a good friend of mine who I styled during a shoot. But that is my style. And most of the garments I used were mine. Hahahaha...

Thank you again Josh! Do check his blog out! The Kid with Man Head

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